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It’s Not Just Your Admission We Care About. Our Focus Is On You & Your Success!

Selecting a suitable program and navigating the university application process has become increasingly stressful, not only because of the selectivity but because of the complex criteria. From choosing the most fitting schools to preparing for standardized tests, and telling your unique story, the college admission process can be all-encompassing for both the student as well as those surrounding them.

The admission process takes a holistic approach, meaning there is no bar to reach or specific weight assigned to each factor in order to guarantee admission. However, the reason the admission process is so convoluted is that these top colleges want to search for applicants they think would thrive in their community.


Some of the most usually asked questions concerning admissions are based around:

  • Selecting schools: Where should you apply? What are your chances at top schools?
  • Understanding your admissions profile: How can you make the most of your achievements and distinctive background?
  • Overcoming weaknesses: How can you overcome negatives in your profile? How can you distinguish yourself from the competition?
  • Long-term planning/positioning: Is a certain course/school the right decision for you? What other programs should you consider?


Acclivis' team collectively has years of admissions experience, helping students with their applications of Master of Laws (LL.M.); Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) / Juris Doctor (JD); Master of Public Policy (MPP); Master of Public Administration (MPA); Masters in International Relations (IR); and other courses in the stream of Humanities & Social Sciences. We would thereby be more than happy to share our experiences and knowledge with you pertaining to your college application(s).

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General Components of our College Admission Service

Our process begins with getting to know each of our students so that we may coach them in all areas of the application process. The client works with one counsellor from the beginning of the application process until the end. The initial meeting involves ascertaining the student’s aspirations and working towards communicating them to the admissions committee.

At times these goals are vague, therefore, the initial session aims at gaining clarity of direction as well as crafting a plan of action. The plan may involve:

  • Coaching the student through the research process as well as helping compile a list of suitable universities that match the student's aspirations.
  • Narrowing down the list of colleges to a manageable focus list
  • Brainstorming approaches that address the personal statement ideas while navigating the school's requirements
  • Crafting a plan of action with reasonable deadlines
  • Consistent communication with detailed feedback for all revisions, until the student is prepared to submit
  • Editing the final draft
  • Fashioning a complete application that is reflective of both the student’s merits as well as aspirations
  • Coaching on appropriately approaching the student’s references, and any other documents pertinent to the application process

Key Components of our Law School Admission Service

If you are early in the law school admissions process, this is the only application package you'll need! We offer help with the following aspects of the law school applications:


  • Personal statement
  • Pre-law advice
  • Resumé feedback and review
  • Letters of recommendation (who you should ask and what they should say)
  • Application review 
  • Wait-list strategy and assistance
  • Scholarship negotiation
  • Letter of continued interest help
  • School specific additional essays
  • Character and fitness responses

  Letter of Acceptance

Letter of Acceptance


Q: Do we provide admission consulting for all programs in all geographies? Do we specialise in some particular courses and geographies?

A: We specialise in providing our admission services to students applying for Master of Laws (LL.M.); Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) / Juris Doctor (JD); Master of Public Policy (MPP); Master of Public Administration (MPA); Masters in International Relations (IR); and other courses in the stream of Humanities & Social Sciences. We don't specialise in schools or geographies.

We specialise in personalising one's candidature to the program one is applying for. With that skill, all schools and geographies are handy for us. While a big chunk of our students opt for British, American, European, or Asian programs, our alumni base boasts of students from the world's top 100 universities!

Q: Does one need to visit our office, meet the Mentor in person? Is there any geographical barrier?

A: No. Students from all over the world take our help for their applications. The entire process is completed over e-mails, phone calls, and (sometimes) Zoom/Google Meet. Even if a student is in the same city as one's Mentor, we do not encourage personal meetings for the application process as the deliberation is best done by the admission consultants in the serenity of their personal workspace.

Moreover, even with our international applicants, we have found that time differences pose minor problems, and we have worked with people literally from around the world – from Kazakhstan to Cameroon, Argentina to Taiwan.

Q: What are our professional charges?

A: We have deliberately not mentioned the fee for applications on our website. Admissions consulting requires a much deeper understanding of the offerings and value addition- best described in a personal conversation over phone/email. Hence, the financial discussion is best done after the candidate is in full cognisance of the nuances of the offering. Don't worry, while we are not very economical, we don't ask for the world, either.

Q: How do we justify our prices?

A: Well, we understand that this is one of the most obvious questions that any prospective applicant would ask. Hence, here are few of the reasons which adds into our pricing:      

  • The quality of people working personally with you and on every word of your written submissions and every part of the applications process.
  • We don't just edit the English; we look into your profile and help you develop a story/theme/case for your applications!
  • We work with you to ensure that you furnish compelling, impeccable applications! We help you create original drafts created to put your story forward. No templates are used at any stage in the process.

Recommendation: As seniors in your pursuit, we suggest that you opt for a consultancy that you think shall give you the best guidance. The fees you pay Acclivis could be one of the best investments you'll ever make! Consider the possibility of increased earnings if you attend a more highly ranked school as opposed to the cost of Acclivis' admissions consulting. Besides, financially, even a 5% scholarship can more than- offset the difference you may be looking at. Trust us, such an amount will not matter, at all, in the longer run. Results will!

Q: What is the best time to start the application process?

A: There is nothing like "starting the application too early". It's never too early. Hence, the earlier, the better. There have been cases when students have enrolled with us with more than one year to spare. In such cases, we are also able to guide the student with several profile enhancement tips. Besides, on early enrolment, one can also obtain certain promptness discounts- the only discounts we offer.

Q: When is the schools short-listing done? Can it be done before one enrols?

A: Before enrolling, one is given a broad idea of the nature of schools; for example, depending upon the QS World University Rankings or the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. However, the exact school shortlisting can be done only at an advanced stage when we have a complete idea of a student's preferences, constraints, skills, interests, and, most importantly, career plans.

Q: What is the usual turn-around time for the complete admission consulting process?

A: Generally, 8-10 weeks are required to complete the entire process judiciously for all schools. In case the deadlines are approaching, we aspire to complete the work sooner as well. Having said that, the nature of work is creative, and the more time we have, the better it is.

Furthermore, the final draft's turn-around majorly depends upon how quickly the student works on accommodating the edits and suggestions given by the consultants.

Q: What is your Rush Service? I need a faster turnaround! Can you help me?

A: Our Rush Service is for clients who need a faster than a seven-business-day turnaround. Before commencing work, we will determine if we have availability to meet your deadline and set up a schedule with you. If you purchase Rush Services and don't have consultants available who can work within your timeframe, we will notify you before we start work. If at that time you no longer want Acclivis' assistance, we will refund your payment.

Q: Can you charge me rush prices without my approval?

A: No. Rush prices require the approval of the client, the consultant, and Acclivis' management.

Q: Is it fine to start the application process before getting the final grades and TOEFL/IELTS score?

A: If you are confident of scoring well on IELTS/TOEFL and maintaining a considerable grade average by the end of your degree, it is fine to start the process before getting your final scores. This may give us more time to work on your case and also guide you in profile building. A significant number of our students opt for bundled packages and simultaneously work with us on their IELTS/TOEFL prep along with their college applications.

Q: What is the ideal number of schools to apply to?

A: That's an important question. Some students are very aggressive and want to apply to all the top 20 schools; others are very restrictive and wish to apply to just 3-5 schools. It is essential to have a balance. It is always advisable to apply to a few dream schools, a few practical ones, and 1-2 back-up schools. This way, one gets to check one's chances in a different league of schools and spreads the risk aptly. Our most popular package is our standard program for 10 schools; however, before you enrol, you will be counselled about the right number of schools you must apply to.

Q: Discounts? What if I am a reference?

A: You will appreciate that the financial matters are best left standardised. Regarding references, more than half of our admission consulting students are referred by our alumni.

Q: What is the process for enrolment?

A: It is strongly recommended that one completes a counselling session with a counsellor before enrolling with us. After a brief counselling session, you will be e-mailed the program details and our company's account details. You can transfer the fee online. The entire fee needs to be paid upfront.

Q: Does one need to take any support from any other institution, friends, family etc?

A: No, a sincere request. Stick to the guidance from your team at Acclivis Education Consultancy for the best results.

Q: What is our general success rate?

A: Whenever a student follows our entire guidance sincerely, the admits (generally multiple) always follow. However, there is that one in fifty students who didn't take our recommendations and took our consultancy as an essays service rather than an overall admission consulting and career counselling. We do not consider such cases in analysing our success rate. We try our best to avoid such enrolments, and hence, when we don't get sincere vibes, we avoid enrolment.

Q: What is the profile of Advisors?

A: The advisors are individuals who have done it all themselves and are motivated to help the next generation. Advisors at Acclivis are graduates from eminent schools, carrying rich industry and academic experience, are language-lovers and adept communicators, and have experience of mentoring students with varied professional and cultural backgrounds into the world's most prominent universities.

Q: Templates?

A: No templates. We help you create personalised, original applications that express your background, personal story, and future aspirations.

Q: Heard that we are selective about our students. Is it true?

A: Yes. As suggested earlier, we work with a limited, pre-decided number of students every year and need to freeze the enrolments multiples times during a season. We work together when the broad expectations of the student regarding the process and potential admits/scholarships are in sync. We humbly avoid enrolment when the vibes are not positive.

Q: Is it that we work with only candidates with strong profiles and high academic scores?

A: No, that is incorrect perception students get because a significant proportion of our students target the high ranked programs and carry robust academic scores. However, our admits range from the world's #1 to #150 universities. As long as a student is committed to sincerely following our processes and is in agreement about the prospective admits, we are happy to help!

Q: What if I have more questions before hiring Acclivis?

A: Contact us if you do have any additional questions. You can also view our complete catalogue of admission services available on the website.