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Countries That Provide Free Education

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30.09.21 06:30 PM

List of Countries and Fees Information

While university rates in many areas of the world continue to grow, below is a list of nations that offer low-cost or free tuition, along with information about eligibility and international renowned universities in these countries.


This is partly owing to the fact that most public universities in Germany have no undergraduate tuition fees, and international students, regardless of country, can attend for free to compensate administrative expenditures, a tiny nominal University fee of roughly $150-250 (US dollar 170-280) is levied.

These fees are set at 1500 dollars per semester, for a total of 3000 dollars per year. Students pursuing a second degree will pay a discounted cost of 650 dollars per semester or $1300 dollars per year.


Students who are willing to withstand the country's harsh winters and one of the highest living expenditures in the world should consider studying in Norway. Students can receive degrees at top-ranked institutions such as the University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the University of Bergen because tuition at public universities is free.


In Iceland, tuition costs are not charged at the country's four public universities; instead,  a registration fee of roughly ISK 75,000 (US$600) is charged each year.


Students from the European Union can attend Finland College for free. International undergraduate students pursuing degrees in English will have to pay a minimum of 1,500 EUR each year beginning in 2017, while many universities charge much more based on the degree level and programme of study.


With free college, Denmark is similar to its European peers: students from everywhere in the EU/EEA and Switzerland can take use of this benefit. International students, on the other hand, pay anywhere from 6,000 to 16,000 Euros a year in tuition, which is quite high in comparison to other countries.


In Sweden, only students pursuing research-based PhD degrees are eligible for free tuition; certain programmes even provide stipends to international students. Nonetheless, even if they pay nothing for their degrees, students should be aware that Sweden's high cost of living may cause them to go over budget.

Study in AUSTRIA

Students can study for free (or at a very minimal cost) in Europe. EU/EEA students have the same rights as Austrian students when it comes to higher education costs, and they can study for free at any level.


International students from outside the EU/EEA might expect to pay somewhat more per semester, about b726 (US$ 803). The cost of living for all students will be around $11,400 (US$12,600) per year.