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Acclivis Education Consultancy

While you'll do this once.​ We've done this hundreds of times.

Distinction and sincerity in our work are our founding principles, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best consulting in the industry. We are inspired to help applicants better navigate the application process and make smart choices about their higher education. What helps us in our relentless pursuit for excellence in everything we do for our clients is the world-class team we have assembled to help college and graduate school applicants.

As an organization that aspires to be part of something bigger and making a difference in our clients' lives, what sets us apart is our collaboration with numerous advisors who have an impeccable reputation for integrity and meaningful work among their peers, with multiple years of academic experience from some of the world's top universities.

Lastly, we always take a holistic approach whilst assisting our clients, since we believe that we can't give meaningful advice without understanding where you've been, where you're headed, and how you can best get from here to there. We dig in to discover what your stand-out talents are, and also what your weaknesses are, so that we can help you maximize your potential in your education and beyond. We're never satisfied just to help you get into the school of your choice; we want to make sure you have set yourself up for success once you get there.

Why Acclivis?

Acclivis Education delivers one-on-one consulting services in navigating all aspects of the admissions application, for both Indian and international students applying to international English-speaking universities.

Committed to success, our team operates with the premise that each client has a unique story to tell. Our goal is to coach our clients to present that story in a meaningful way, building a profile that is sympathetic to the student's ambitions while weaving the University's mission with its admissions criteria, ensuring each submission has the highest probability of acceptance.

Because of the service-level we provide and the experts we collaborate with at Acclivis Education Consultancy, we take on a limited number of clients each year. We provide best-in-class service and take great pride in our clients' success; therefore, it is equitable that we take only those that we can work with effectively.

What we are not

  • We’re not the self-taught parent model, where a parent gets good results for her own kids and then wants to share her knowledge with others.
  • We’re not reverse engineers who look at big data and try to figure out an algorithmic approach to admissions and apply that to an individual.
  • We’re not a substitute for your school-based counsellor, who will be a necessary and often very helpful ally for you in the application process, but who has to work with a big caseload of kids, and who ultimately has to serve the interests of the school and focus on the aggregate outcomes, rather than on any individual student.
  • We’re not solely or primarily essay editors who focus on only that one piece of the application. All of those kinds of counsellors have limited experience with the admissions process, as they are ultimately outsiders when it comes to how things work behind closed doors.

What we are

  • Our mission is to help you understand how admissions officers think. We decode and demystify the process. We’re also editors in the sense that we help you be true to your voice, develop your ideas, and think strategically about the bigger picture and how each part of the application, including the essay, fits into it. If you’re looking for a proof-reader or someone to fix your grammar, we’ll do that, but you can find that much more cheaply. It’s not our main value-add.

  • We always sneak in some important life skills, because we know that this isn’t the only important thing you’ll ever apply for. Often, this is an applicant’s first experience learning how to research an institution, how to present themselves in person, how to advocate for themselves appropriately, how to understand the target audience, how to manage a project, and how to critique and improve their own work. Those important skills become transferrable.

  • We are here for you during the process, and we help you pace yourself. You will run the marathon at a fair clip, but you will finish it.

  • We are ruthlessly practical. We do not sugar-coat. We have lots of experience coaching teenagers. And we also know when parents are helping vs. hurting. For example, that wonderful essay about the winning soccer goal might make dad cry, and that’s an appropriate reaction for a parent; but parents are not proxies for admissions officers. College applications are for a completely different audience and purpose, and we help you recognize those distinctions.

  • We are most appropriate for applicants focusing on selective, holistic colleges: ones that turn away more people than they accept, and ones that look not just at numbers but also soft factors like leadership, academic growth, life experience, and potential. 

  • Lastly, we take admissions ethics very seriously. We don’t think anyone is well-served by half-truths, empty promises, or abstract advice when it comes to the college admissions process. So, we tell it like it is, promise only what we can deliver, and are focused on helping you in concrete, practical ways.

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