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Acclivis Education Consultancy
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    We have faith in your potential.

    By trying our best to find your talent and illustrate what you can accomplish through your applications, we can guide you to make your ideas and dreams  into reality.

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Our Core Principles


We believe you are unique, and the only way for you to stand out from the numerous applicants is to be your best self. We strive to help you identify and develop your potential; provide admission plans based on your personality, background and preferences; and present the best version of you to your dream colleges and schools because the best strategy to get admitted to highly selective colleges and schools is to let the admission officers see what you have achieved and what you are able to achieve.

Expert Assistance

Making your goals our priority is why we are as much a partner as we are a coach. We aim to help you discover, craft, develop and manage the entire application process. 

We also believe that diligence, craftsmanship, and consistency are your best allies. Therefore, we regularly and constantly read and re-read your application materials until all areas come together to tell a compelling story.

Elevating your strengths

We aim to help you succeed long-term. We are purposeful in helping you select programs that not only meet your aspirational requirements but are nurturing environments that will empower you long-term.


We have faith in your potential; by trying our best to find your talent and illustrate what you can accomplish, we can guide you to make your ideas into reality.


Each team member specializes in a particular feature of the application process, and as a team, we provide high-quality consulting services that match the comprehensiveness of the admission review process. Applications for globally prestigious colleges are challenging, so our entire team is dedicated to helping you succeed.

We are also incredibly selective in expanding the team, and we control the number of clients each year to provide high standard services.

Professional Approach

The decision-making and application processes can be complex, regardless of when you start preparing for it. However, in our hands, insight, options, and personalized help can ease the procedure and give you the best sense of what is best for you. 

We aim to simplify the admission process by breaking everything down into priorities and steps, making your work clear and concise, so you can use your precious time more efficiently.

Friends for the long run

We stay in touch with our clients long after service agreements terminate. We believe in the personal relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients, and we keep in touch not only to give previous students advice when needed, but also to better understand different universities and programs from students’ perspectives to better care for and guide future clients.

How does working with us look like?

Exploratory Call

We pay close attention to every component of the application process, and thus we only work with a limited number of applicants per application cycle. Therefore, the first consultation/exploratory call serves two purposes: 

1. It’s a way for you to get to know how we work and have your questions answered. 

2. It is a way for us to see if ourworking together is a good fit.


Once we determine that we are a good fit, we agree to work one-on-one to help you craft the best narrative that captures your goals. We agree to serve as guides in your admission journey, so every decision and every step is made purposefully.

Strategize and Develop a plan for success

We work together to develop your strategy, define it, and take the necessary steps to present your profile in a genuine way. We help you submit a profile that weaves your character, values, and mission with that of the university’s so you maximize your chances of admission.


Once you have been accepted to your target program(s), we help you make that final decision. We will re-evaluate the school, ensure that it still meets your needs and provide the pros and cons of each program so you make the right decision for your short- and long-term goals.

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